To be an office of professional excellence in support of UM’s goals of becoming an outstanding, internationally-recognized institution of higher learning
and learner-centered education.


The Academic Affairs Office is committed:

  • to assure effective implementation and enforcement of UM’s academic activities and rules;
  • to work closely with faculty and university departments in a professional and proactive manner;
  • to provide high-quality services to our stakeholders within and outside UM.

The Academic Affairs Office has the following roles:

  • Providing secretarial support to the Senate and some Senate subcommittees;
  • Providing secretarial support to the Honorary Degrees and Titles Committee;
  • Coordinating and supporting academic activities, such as Congregation and Honorary Degree Ceremony;
  • Coordinating and monitoring the curricula and operations of General Education;
  • Supervising Registry’s operations and ensuring fulfillment of its roles and responsibilities.